This Blog is about my GSoC project “writing a new draw module for pygame and pygame2“.

The aim is to have one draw module for pygame that implements not only the very basic drawing of a few plain color shapes but also drawing of more advanced shapes and with more advanced attributes (ie. curves, rounded corners, aa, etc.) as well as alternative filling methods (ie. procedural or image based textures, filling from another surface/image (cloning), etc.). Unlike now the code will be object oriented thus you’ll need to create a (pen) object before using it to draw stuff. That is to to keep code clean and structured and avoid functions with (terribly) long parameter lists. However, I plan to add some shortcuts for basic functionality (and maybe compatibility).



  1. Hey, your work is a deep breath of fresh air, it will make our life much easier when trying to achieve nice visual effects with PyGame.

    Any news? I hope everything is going smoothly for you.

    Also when do you plan to integrate your work into an official PyGame release?

    • Hi Piiichan,
      I’ve started my studies this month and have barely time to do anything else, so I’d love to see some others join the project (see here).
      Integrating it in pygame will take some (more) time, as its currently developed for pygame2 (and thus needs to be back-ported for pygame later). First, it is planned to put it into some kind of future/experimental module of pygame2, so people can use it, test it and play around.

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