Use the pygame mailing list or email to jug at fantasymail dot de.



  1. Hey Dear,

    I was reading about your GSOC project and looking on blog. I am really interested in your work.

    I am from Delhi India and have keen Interest in Interaction .

    Good Job !

    Wishes from Delhi @India


  2. Hey, great project plan and I hope you get it done, and support from the community when it is. I have but one request regarding documentation. Every prior implementation of drawing on python has failed to accurately describe how thick lines are handled with respect to point offset. If you could make sure you do that it would make testing ever so much easier. This is especially true with respect to comparing line drawing to connected line segment drawing, to shapes like circles set inside rectangles. If you keep track of that in documentation it would also be a sanity check for your own understanding of the code.

    • Hi John,
      thick lines are centered around the given points as I showed in the “yay it works …” post (maybe not explicitly enough). For rects (and maybe also for circles/ellipses) I planned to provide 3 different drawing “styles”. Documentation is not yet complete but this is definitely sth. that should be clearly explained there.

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